Overview of our Toolset

The best idea can only be as good as its operative realization.

On-time implementation, experience and professional business knowledge are basic requirements. Well-rehearsed and experienced partners for your productions are being offered by RADIX COMM one-stop.

RADIX COMM provides the ideal instruments for the termination of the frontier between on- and offline or for classic communication projects.

  • Consultancy, Concept, Text (Campaigns, On- & Offline Concepts, CI, Slogans, etc.)
  • Visual Communication (CD, 3D, Folder, Advertisement, Business Stationary, etc.)
  • Dialog and Direct Mailings
  • Digital Media Production (Website, Screen Design, Programming, Banner, etc.)
  • Social Media and Web 2.0 Marketing (Blog- & Forum Marketing, Viral Concepts, etc.)



Our offer: Connecting people, brands and media successfully. Through this RADIX, the Marketing and Communications agency, facilitates the bestpossible performance.

The three RADIX Units:
- RADIX & PARTNERS   Market & Opinion Research
- RADIX COMM   Advertising & Dialog Communication
- RADIX PURE   Public Relations & Media Work

The Group Services:
- Communication Training & Coaching
- Marketing Consultancy
- Project Management  


As a full-service market researcher, RADIX & PARTNERS offers a well-established and high-performance market and opinion research portfolio of on- and offline surveys and methods.

Fields of studies:
- Marketing Studies (e.g. Brand & Price Surveys)
- Sales & PoS Studies (e.g. Mystery Shopping)
- Online & Panel Studies (e.g. Panel, E-Mail, OnSite)
- Service & Employee Surveys (e.g. Customer Satisfaction)

Special expertise:
- Online Market Research
- Point of Sale (PoS)
- Customer Experience and Mystery Shopping  


Advertising and dialog communication for a cross-linked world means the resolution of borders between on- and offline.

What we do:
- Dialog Marketing & CRM
- Sales Promotion
- Digital & Online Marketing

- Consultancy, Concept, Text
- Visual Communication
- Dialog & Direct Mailing
- Digital Media Production
- Social Media, Web 2.0, Viral


As a public relations agency RADIX PURE considers itself as mediator that connects companies, products and media through innovative PR and media work.

PR expertise:
- Press & Media Work
- Online PR & Reputation
- Internal Communication
- Local Authority PR
- Crisis PR
- Media Skills